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Global Energy-efficient windows and doors will:

  • Reduce your home energy costs by 7 to 12 percent
  • Reduce or eliminate cold drafts
  • Collect less condensation
  • Reduce noise from outside

Choosing energy efficient models can help you reduce your energy use

Windows: ENERGY STAR certified windows are about 20% more energy efficient than the average window.

Doors: ENERGY STAR certified doors are about 15% more efficient

ENERGY STAR Most Efficient windows are the “best of the best” - up to 55% more energy efficient than average models.

Key Features:

An ENERGY STAR qualified window will have many of the following features:

  • Double- or triple-glazing, with a sealed insulating glass unit
  • Low-e glass
  • Inert gas, such as argon or krypton, in the sealed unit
  • Low-conductivity or ‘warm edge’ spacer bars
  • Insulated frames, sashes and door cores
  • Good air tightness

The ENERGY STAR name and symbol is administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada and is registered in Canada by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Products qualify for ENERGY STAR based on either their U-factor (the lower the number, the more energy efficient the product) or their Energy Rating (ER – the higher the number, the more energy efficient the product).

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Designing Homes for Energy Efficiency

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